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2019年4月9日 星期二

新聞稿套路 Amazon 逆向工作法



What is Amazon's approach to product development and product management?

Here's an example outline for the press release:

  1. Heading - Name the product in a way the reader (i.e. your target customers) will understand.
  2. Sub-Heading - Describe who the market for the product is and what benefit they get. One sentence only underneath the title.
  3. Summary - Give a summary of the product and the benefit. Assume the reader will not read anything else so make this paragraph good.
  4. Problem - Describe the problem your product solves.
  5. Solution - Describe how your product elegantly solves the problem.
  6. Quote from You - A quote from a spokesperson in your company.
  7. How to Get Started - Describe how easy it is to get started.
  8. Customer Quote - Provide a quote from a hypothetical customer that describes how they experienced the benefit.
  9. Closing and Call to Action - Wrap it up and give pointers where the reader should go next.


  1. 標題——以讀者明白的方式命名產品。
  2. 副標題——描述產品的目標受眾,以及他們的受益點。僅用一句話說清楚。
  3. 摘要——給出產品和受益點的摘要。假設讀者不讀其他內容,所以要讓這個段落出彩。 
  4. 問題——描述你的產品要解決的問題。
  5. 你的評價——公司發言人的評價。
  6. 如何開始——描述開始使用多麼簡單。
  7. 客戶評價——提供你想像中的客戶的評價,評價描述他們如何從產品中獲得好處。
  8. 結尾號召行動——呼籲行動,給出讀者下一步行動的指南。

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