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2008年11月9日 星期日


歐盟藥典 European Pharmacopoeia

Print Version
The latest Lists of Contents can be downloaded from our Online Store. They can be found in the products' description sheets.

Electronic Versions
The electronic version of the 6th Edition European Pharmacopoeia will be available only on CD-ROM and on the Internet. The Intranet version of the European Pharmacopoeia is no longer available.
CD-ROM: The CD-ROM version is intended for installation onto individual computers and a separate CD-ROM will be sent for each purchased license.
Online Version: Starting with the 6th Edition, the EDQM will be publishing the online version of the European Pharmacopoeia on the NetIS platform enabling registration based on the computer and not the individual user. Each license purchased is valid for use by one user on two computers maximum BUT access is granted to only one computer at a time. So if you buy 10 licenses, the European Pharmacopoeia will be accessible through a maximum of 20 computers, by a maximum of 10 simultaneous users. You will no longer have to declare how many sites need to have access.